Worships the God Bahamut

General Market Place: Trade Goods Emporium

Blacksmith: The Iron Hut

Apothecary: Jason the Apothecary

Brothel: The Lusty Rose

Magic Shop: Tvigg’s House of Curiosities (Tvigg is a freed hobgoblin sorcerer)

The Drunken Shepherd
● Location: In a slum district, surrounded by dark alleys and makeshift tenements.
● Description: The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with a small fenced yard..
Innkeeper: Human Female Hildra. She is a retired soldier, and keeps an arsenal of weapons in a secure locker
● The secret front for the fight club

The Cursed Sword
● Location: In a slum district, surrounded by dirty streets and makeshift tenements. The street outside is occupied by an angry, torch-bearing rabble.
● Description: The inn is a single storey timber framed building, with a large cellar. Accommodations consist of a few small rooms with straw mats. The inn is locally known for the poor quality of its food.
● The innkeeper is a tall male halfling named Ilcolph. He is a former slave and retired assassin, and keeps a pair of sharp daggers at his belt.
● Is the base for the abolitionist movement

The Lucky Cat
● Location: On Gold Way, in a civic ward of well-lit avenues and grand monuments. The street outside is paved with decorative flagstones.
● The inn is a large two-storey timber framed building, with carved wooden doors. It is brightly lit by magical candles and crystal chandeliers.
● The innkeeper is a stout female human named Burha.

● Slaver’s Guild
○ Led by- Jeko
● Abolitionist Movement
○ Led by- Phane

Random NPC’s

1. Mara: Female Halfling Merchant, Neutral. Mara is exceptionally beautiful, with red hair and blue eyes. She wears plain clothing and an iron amulet. Mara is searching for her lost sister.
2. Jwyne: Female Halfling Merchant, Evil. Jane has golden hair and light hazel eyes, and prominent ek ars. She wears simple clothing and a green cloak. Jane is quiet, and says as little as possible.
3. George: Male Human Professional, Neutral. George is short, with white hair and soft blue eyes. He wears modest garments and silk gloves. George seeks to save his family from financial ruin.
4. Saewe: Female Human Professional, Neutral. Saewe is tall and overweight, with golden hair and blue eyes. She wears tailored clothing and silk gloves. Saewe seeks only fame and glory.

6. Cory: Male Gnome Servant, Neutral. Cory has matted golden hair and blue eyes, and a thin nose. He wears modest garments and a blue cloak. Cory is a terrible liar.
7. Eashwig: Male Human Scholar, Neutral. Eashwig has thin silver hair and gray eyes. He wears tailored clothing and a copper amulet.
8. Kali: Male Dwarf Servant, Good. Kali has an angular face, with curly copper hair and light blue eyes. He wears modest garments and several pouches hang from his belt. Kali is searching for his missing daughter.

1. Mina: Female Elf Peasant, Neutral. Mina has an angular face, with silver hair and sharp amber eyes. She wears modest garments and a white cloak. Mina seeks to atone for past sins.
2. Horgi: Male Dwarf Aristocrat, Good. Horgi has curly brown hair and hazel eyes, and a magical tattoo on his arm. He wears fine raiment and jewelry.

Enemies, Bad Guys, Slavers (MM 350)
9. Orin: Male Half-Orc Scofflaw, Evil. Orin has an angular face, with matted brown hair and light gray eyes. He wears well-made clothing and a white cloak.
10. Gili: Female Dwarf Artist, Evil. Gili is wretched in appearance, with black hair and amber eyes. She wears well-made clothing and a feathered hat. Gili has an animal companion, a ginger ferret named Kada.

1. Zigil: Male Dwarf Mercenary, Good. Zigil is elegant in appearance, with black hair and green eyes. He wears studded leather and wields a halberd.
2. Symund: Male Halfling Priest, Good. Symund has messy gray hair and sharp hazel eyes, and a sharp nose. He wears fine clothing and a silver holy symbol

Guards (MM 347)
1. Diovi: Male Elf Fighter, Good. Diovi has messy gray hair and sharp brown eyes, and pointed ears. He wears chain mail and wields a short sword and shield. Diovi is thrifty and gullible.
2. Roco Gammarch: Male Elf Fighter, Evil. Roco has a long face, with thin brown hair and large amber eyes. He wears banded mail and wields a military pick and long bow.
3. Aeden: Female Human Fighter, Neutral. Aeden has short black hair and light green eyes, and a sharp nose. She wears chainmail and wields a mace and light crossbow. Aeden is absent-minded, and always searching for a missing item.
4. Galebre: Male Elf Fighter, Good. Galebre is tall and willowy, with copper hair and light blue eyes. He wears splint mail and wields a bastard sword and light crossbow.


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