Lord Daeyvn Illryc

Lord Of Janholt


● Came to power after his parents died when he was young, his father died when he was very young, and his mother died a few years ago after an assassination. He has been ruling since.
● Beautiful long hair, the color of the Earth. Heavy brown with highlights of a deep forest Green.
● Skin has a slight tint of green to it, and his eyes are a vibrant gold.
● Rather young, probably 25-30
● Wears elegant jewelry made out of the platinum mined in the Grey Sentinels.

● Kind, short tempered, paranoid.
● Very Charismatic
● Very Smart
● Not very Wise
● Know’s Thieve’s Cant, he had one of his servants teach him, due to his paranoia.
● Also an expert juggler.
● He paces quite frequently.

● Was given a prophecy by an Elven Elder before she died.
● “Those who have no names shall gain hold of the saviour’s court, lest The Realm of Light be sundered when the Platinum Keep is laid to ruin and the mountains are wreathed in flame.”
● Meaning: Nobodies must become heros of the lord, Platinum Keep = Janholt

● Sees the slave trade as good for the economy, but he has ethical issues with it.


Lord Daeyvn Illryc

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